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Meet the Team

The Design Vision Team is growing.  We have two Optometrists (Dr. Sara Falter O.D. and Dr. Emmylou Swartz O.D.) who live in the Milwaukee area. Dr. Falter and Dr. Swartz have been practicing Optometry for over ten years in both Private Practice settings  and Medical Practices settings (Hospital/Ophthalmology). They have experience with toddlers through seniors.  Both Optometrists are excellent Contact Lens technicians.

We have two ABOC (nationally licensed) Opticians:  Tamia  and Cindy.   Combined experience of the opticians is >50 years (they started as young children - just kidding).

NOTE:  Cindy is specially trained to work with infants, toddlers and children of all need in the proper selection and fitting of children with glasses.  The "Design Vision Kids" division is trusted by many area Pediatric Opthalmologists and the Optometrists to fill their patient's eyeglasses prescriptions.  Design Vision has over 400 infant, toddler and children's frames in stock.  Brands include:  Dilli Dalli, Miraflex, Specs4Us, Tomato and Zoo bug.  

Laura is our Patient Care Coordinator.

Currently we have two Interns - Teddy and Alex.

The entire Design Vision Team truly enjoy working with our patients of all ages and finding the perfect pair of glasses or sunglasses.  We make choosing and shopping for eyewear fun!  Many people don't like buying new glasses - we get this and will work with each patient to find the best pair (or pairs) of prescription eyewear to "maximize" their prescription as well as fitting comfortably.  Cindy and Tamia will make sure your eyewear is both flattering and reflects your very own personal style whether it is conservative, classic, colorful or chic.  

Coming soon - pictures & bios.

  • Marina Mason
    'I love coming to work every day and watching the transformation in our patients. It never ceases to amaze me how being able to see clearly and without pain boosts their confidence and restores independence. So many people are living with limitations due to visual impairment – and might not even know it! Working here with Seemann has shown me how even the smallest improvement in one’s sight can make a huge positive impact on their lives.”
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  • Terry Noble
    'As a child, I had a hard time at school. I had difficulty reading and was labeled a “slow learner.” It was only later revealed that vision problems were at the root of my difficulties. Once I saw an eye care professional and was fitted with corrective lenses, my performance in school excelled. We see these type of success stories every day at Seemann and it’s one of the many things that makes my career so rewarding!”
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